Taxus Baccata

Taxus Baccata


This handsome armchair pays homage to the unique beauty of yew wood.

It's a special piece, lovingly crafted over several years from pieces of yew -Taxus Baccata - and ash sourced from the around the UK, including the banks of the Severn, Buckinghamshire and south London. Yew isn't a timber that is especially widely used in chair-making owing to its wild, unpredictable grain, but over time the right pieces have come together to create this true one-off piece.

The back laths have been carefully steam-bent to fit the curvature of the spine, making this an exceptionally comfortable chair. The combination of the yew's dark heartwood and light sapwood, framing the pale ash back, make for a visually striking piece that is sure to be a focal point of any room.

If you are interested in this piece, please contact me to discus pricing and to arrange delivery. Delivery charges will be agreed depending on location.


Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this chair to discuss pricing and delivery options.

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